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Always bear in mind that your own resolution to barbecue is more important than any other one thing. – Abraham Lincoln

Located in Chandler, Arizona

-   ABOUT US  -

Hi.  I'm Greg and I've been cooking NC style whole hog BBQ since I was old enough to play with matches.   I'm not really sure how I got so serious about it except it is a traditional way of life in North Carolina and that's where I grew up. Spring, Summer, and Fall...weddings, graduations, birthdays and football we have pig pickins. It is just the way we celebrate the good things in life and we've done it this way for centuries- seriously.   


You can take the boy out of North Carolina but you can’t take the North Carolina out of the boy. 


Now I live in Chandler, Arizona where I met my beautiful bride Christy.  We love entertaining and hosting pig pickins because it makes us happy- happy to see friends, happy to make new friends, and happy to celebrate life. For me, cooking whole hog BBQ helps me remember who I am and where I came from…it reconnects me with my story.  My goal is to share a small piece of that story with you by offering my North Carolina Style BBQ Pit so you too can experience the happiness that BBQ creates. 


And in case you're even wondering...Eastern Style all the way.

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